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Storage Value Estimation Tool (StorageVET®)

StorageVET 2.0 Beta

A publicly available, open-source, Python-based energy storage valuation tool.

Made possible through funding support from the California Energy Commission.

To access StorageVET 1.0 or view its documentation, navigate using the tabs at the top of the page

StorageVET 2.0 Resources

  • StorageVET 2.0 Beta User Guide
  • StorageVET 2.0 Beta Tutorial Videos
  • StorageVET 2.0 User Feedback Form
  • Download StorageVET 2.0 Beta

  • StorageVET 2.0 Standalone Environment
  • We are aware that not everyone can use the google form we require to access the tool. If that is the case, please contact storagevet@epri.com and we will make alternate arrangements.

    Project Goals

    • Provide a consistent platform for communication of site-specific storage value between stakeholders of utilities, regulators, and vendors
    • Provide a publicly available tool and method to fairly, transparently, and consistently estimate the benefits and costs of energy storage projects across all cases
      • Grid Services
      • Technologies and Sizes
      • Locations
    • Provide guidance to identify and characterize high value locations to deploy energy storage, so that early successes in energy storage maximize value to all stakeholders

    Feature Highlights

    • Initially customized for California market services, reference scenarios, and data sets with direct import to the model
    • Broad coverage of energy storage technologies and other reference technologies (e.g. combustion turbine)
    • Flexible optimization horizon
    • Flexible simulation time step granularity
    • Utilizes the Gurobi optimization engine
    • Web-based user interface and free public access

    Get Involved

    • Stakeholders can participate in input and review of model definitions through participation in the Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC), an open technical forum. More info can be found at www.epri.com/esic.
    • For additional information about StorageVET® stakeholder group discussions, email esic@epri.com to join ESIC
    • The ESIC collaboration site contains live draft user documentation from the ESIC StorageVET® Subgroup at collab.epri.com/esic.
    • Relevant documents can be accesssed via: ESIC Collaboration Site > WG1 - Grid Services and Analysis > WG1 Documents.
    • All documents and review opportunities will be facilitated through the Analysis Working Group of ESIC.