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Storage Value Estimation Tool (StorageVET®)

StorageVET® Documentation and Publications

The following publications contain further information about StorageVET®, its use, operation, and development.

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StorageVET® V1.0 Software User Guide: User and Technical Documentation for the Storage Value Estimation Tool

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Reference Use Case Definition Spreadsheets

More StorageVET® User Guides

These resouces contain information about the use and operation of StorageVET®, including technical explanations of the model and methods used, as well as example test cases to introduce and familiarize the software.

StorageVET® Import Templates

Energy Storage Valuation in California: Policy, Planning and Market Information Relevant to the StorageVET® Model

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This report provides descriptions and technical details related to the valuation of energy storage operated in the California electric power system. It reviews policies, programs, and markets relevant to the use and treatment of energy storage implemented by the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC), California Independent System Operator (CAISO), electric utilities, and others.