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Storage Value Estimation Tool (StorageVET®)

Storage Value Estimation Tool (StorageVET®)

A publicly available, web-hosted, energy storage simulation tool.

Made possible through funding support from the California Energy Commission.

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Project Goals

  • Provide a consistent platform for communication of site-specific storage value between stakeholders of utilities, regulators, and vendors
  • Provide a publicly available tool and method to fairly, transparently, and consistently estimate the benefits and costs of energy storage projects across all cases
    • Grid Services
    • Technologies and Sizes
    • Locations
  • Provide guidance to identify and characterize high value locations to deploy energy storage, so that early successes in energy storage maximize value to all stakeholders

Feature Highlights

  • Initially customized for California market services, reference scenarios, and data sets with direct import to the model
  • Broad coverage of energy storage technologies and other reference technologies (e.g. combustion turbine)
  • Flexible optimization horizon
  • Flexible simulation time step granularity
  • Utilizes the Gurobi optimization engine
  • Web-based user interface and free public access

Get Involved

  • Stakeholders can participate in input and review of model definitions through participation in the Energy Storage Integration Council (ESIC), an open technical forum. More info can be found at www.epri.com/esic.
  • For additional information about StorageVET® stakeholder group discussions, email esic@epri.com to join ESIC
  • The ESIC collaboration site contains live draft user documentation from the ESIC StorageVET® Subgroup at collab.epri.com/esic.
  • Relevant documents can be accesssed via: ESIC Collaboration Site > WG1 - Grid Services and Analysis > WG1 Documents.
  • All documents and review opportunities will be facilitated through the Analysis Working Group of ESIC.